Knotted and tied sheepskin textile art

Textile Art and Design

I’m a textile artist and teacher based in the UK.¬†Over the last ten years I have been developing and inventing textiles using weaving, plaiting, knotting and manipulating fabrics and threads to create textile pieces and fabrics that are innovative and exciting.

I hope you enjoy the examples of my work here, and spend a little time in the art galleries which show my work.

Jo Deeley

Reconstructed Book

This is quickly becoming my favourite material to work with. With tablets and books being digitalised there are lots of books being thrown out. I love working with paper and text, plus the colour of the pages are often vintage browns which leaves a great surface to the folded paper.

P1020825 P1020826

London show

I had a fantastic time in the London graduation show. Lots of interest in the large-scale tying pieces. London was hot that week!